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STEP BY STEP - The Booklet

Kids can collect stamps in a booklet for each Bambini Run they participated in over the course of a year. Each child will receive the booklet when he or she registers for the first Bambini Run of the year. For each run, there will be one stamp in the booklet.

At the end of the year, the stamped booklets can be mailed to Fridolin Flink, who will have a look at each one. Everyone who participated in multiple Bambini races over the course of the year and sends in the booklet will be entered to win prizes through a random drawing — including a playful trip to Disneyland Paris.

Important facts about the booklet

Get your booklet:

The booklets with the integrated card to collect the stamps will be passed out at the Bambini Counter with the race numbers for the Bambini Races


Every child will only receive one booklet per year.  Upon receipt, the name and address of the child must be entered into the booklet. The booklet and stamp card are not transferable.


Every child who wants to take part in the drawing should bring the booklet along to the start of every Bambini Race and have it stamped in person as confirmation of participation. It can only be stamped during each event – it cannot be stamped at a later date.


After the final Bambini Race in November, the booklets must be sent in to Fridolin Flink. The final deadline to send them in is December 31. The drawing will take place in the spring of the following year – and the winners will be announced online at


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Fridolin Flink

Hanns-Braun-Straße / Adlerplatz

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