Bambini Running Series presented by berlinovo

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The Idea Behind

The idea behind the Bambini Running series is “Kids love to move”.

Kids are to be introduced to sports through play. Running as the basis of movement is a great way to start. After taking their first steps, children explore the world around them by walking and running.

The Bambini Running series offers the perfect space for kids to continue to develop their natural desire to move: Kids can come together with their friends and families and have fun being active in sports at different running events. They can participate in one Bambini race or as many as they want, they can come prepared or just come as they are and they can run as fast or slow as they want. Whatever they want, no times will be kept, no rankings listed – it is just about having fun!

The bambinis thus experience sport as something unstressed and positive. And without even noticing it, they are learning values through sport such community, fairness, continuity, self-initiative and self-confidence, taking their own personal development one step further.

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